Youth & Education Committee

Youth & Education Committee

Mr. Boris Berenfeld

I’m a Russian-born educator, technologist and biophysicist, who has for a long time promoted global learning with advanced technologies. I founded Learning Probe International; The International Laboratory of Advanced Education Technologies; and GlobalLab to advance learning solutions worldwide; organized a series of East-West Conferences to bridge educators and technologies from the East and West; co-founded Art, Science & Technology of Learning program for the United Nations; served on UNESCO’s Director General task force; consulted for the World Bank’s e-Learning and IBM Latin America Quorum projects to network educators. For my work the World Technology Network inducted me as a ‘Fellow’ for life. I got involved in Asgardia via recommendation of my old friend Mr. Mikhail Spokoyny, former Chief of Staff.

Location & electoral district: USA, New Your & District 1

Languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian.

Youth & Education Committee

Ms. Aliya Mukasheva

Creating a new nation means defining the system of values that unites people, and creating a system of upbringing and education that is accessible for Asgardians of all ages. To achieve this we have to be a place that’s attractive to talented youth and children so we can engage them in creating the cultural heritage of Asgardia. 

We must attract professionals working in the educational systems in the various countries of the world, so we can use the best educational techniques of different countries that are acceptable for people of all ages. As Deputy Chair of Youth and Education Committee, I want to ensure the idea of our Space Nation is popular among youth and children. That will promote the growth of the next generation of Asgardians, who will continue building the Space Nation in the future.

Location & electoral district: Kazahstan & District 1

Languages: English & Russian

Youth & Education Committee

Executive Secretary
Mr. Mahmud Mammdov

The space Nation of Asgardia, while still at the beginning of the path of development and formation, has not yet faced migration problems. However, after the launch of Arks and the creation of the Space Capital of Asgardia, the issues of regulating migration and citizenship can become very acute. 

Migration has always been one of the three demographic components of the development of civilisation and historically an integral part of the development of mankind. As a lawyer, I’m also interested in the legal aspects of virtual citizenship, its principles and compliance with international rules and legislation. Trying to resolve these integral issues is what fascinated me so much about Asgardia.

Location & electoral district: Turkey & District 3

Languages: Turkish

Youth & Education Committee

Mr. Sebahattin Devecioglu

I studied Education and Physical Education at Gazi University, after which I got master degree at Firat University and PhD at Gazi University. I worked as a Research Assistant and then Assistant Professor. I was then a member of UNESCO Physical Education and Sport Committee and a visiting Research Scholar at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) US. 

In addition to that, I was an NGO representative at the United Nations Department of Public Information of The Light Millennium in 2015. In 2015 I developed the Peace Ball Project. I’m also a member at Turkish Youth and Sports Ministry Education and Science Board, with an academic tenure as an Associate Professor at Firat University. I’m a representative for Turkey for International Catchbal Fedaration (ICF).  Since then, I became a Professor of Sports Economics in University of Firat.

Location & electoral district: Elazig, Turkey & District 1

Languages: English & Turkish

Youth & Education Committee

Ms. Amelia Cortes Diaz

Together, thanks to a group of scientific researchers, it is possible that in space, for the first time, we approach the utopia that moves us to realise the construction of the First Nation in space: Asgardia!!! The future is in all people; we can change it, we can improve it, we are trying to make it better. I’m an economist, who can help in making a better future for a nation among the stars.

Location & electoral district: Mexico & By – election

Languages: Spanish

Youth & Education Committee

Ms. Gulnara Guseinova

Clarity and transparency in communication are extremely important for the well-being of all society. As a Parliamentarian I work to achieve fair legislation. Exchanges between Asgardians enrich the entire community, and make it unique due to cross communication between people of different origins who share the same vision and passion. 

I work to empower direct links and exchanges between Asgardians all over the world. Good infrastructure for media and communication is an important tool to ensure that interaction on all levels, for social and business purposes, works efficiently. I work to implement the best practices in this domain. In addition, I work with the educators to make sure core values of Asgardia are incorporated into the educational system. Let’s make Asgardia the prototype by which Earthly countries will model their development.

Location & electoral district: Azerbaijan & District 3

Languages: Russian

Youth & Education Committee

Ms. Raisa Shehtman

I strongly believe that education and science are the basis for a successful future. In the modern dynamic world, when the volume of information doubles every six months, it is very important not only to provide children with knowledge, but also teach them independent research, analysis and effective application of the necessary information, as well as install in them a view on space. 

In my opinion, a healthy society is one where everyone can offer support to each other. This belief makes me certain that social support for people in need can be offered through innovative socially-oriented entrepreneurship. As an AMP and Member of Youth and Education Committee, this is exactly what I focus on.

Location & electoral district: Israel & By – election

Languages: Russian

Youth & Education Committee

Ms. Olga Weissenfeldt

Having 20 years of teaching experience I cannot underestimate the importance of accessible and high quality education for all citizens of Asgardia. Due to rapid developments in digital technologies and artificial intelligence, everyone can and should develop as an intellectual and creative person. The elaboration of individuality should start from defining a child’s aptitudes and potential. It does not mean that pupils should learn all academic subjects; the aim is to pay more attention to cultivating their own talents. 

This is extremely important, considering hundreds of jobs are vanishing due to automatization and robotization. As a member of Youth and Education Committee I pay special attention to creating a modern, inclusive education system from pre-school up to graduation age – and developing short term educational programs in various disciplines, including art, technical subjects and science.

Location & electoral district: Almaty, Kazakhstan & By – election

Languages: Russian & English