Trade & Commerce Committee

Trade & Commerce Committee

Mr. John Fine

My current profession is a quality control inspector for a contractor within the Department of Defense.  Retired US Army, currently enrolled in the University of Troy Alabama, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Military Operations.  I am married to my wonderful wife for 15 years, and currently have 3 children at home. 

I got involved with Asgardia because I was on social media sites interacting with other space fans when I came across a post about Asgardia.  Upon investigating Asgardia, I knew I wanted to be a part of such a grand adventure. The Asgardia dream has kept me going. 

Location & electoral district: Woodland, USA & District 13

Languages: English; basic Spanish and German.

Trade & Commerce Committee

Mr. Brian Froelke

I’m a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician and approved in Emergency Medicine Services. I work primarily as an EMS Medical Director and in a level 1 tertiary care hospital. I worked for many years in the field of disaster medicine. I found out about Asgardia through coordination of events related to a solar eclipse.  

As an elected EMS official for the state of Missouri, my background in government and legislation allowed me to be involved in Asgardia’s early infrastructure. I have an optimistic view of the future of humanity through cooperation and collaboration and I’m amazed with all the work done towards permanent space colonisation.

Location & electoral district: Saint Louis, USA District 1

Languages: English

Trade & Commerce Committee

Ms. Olga Dekman

With Asgardia we are one step closer to space through easier access, protection and more options and opportunities available to humans. My aim as an AMP is to make the world a better place by making free trade flourish between countries and galaxies on a mutually beneficial basis. 

Therefore, thanks to an open and fair trade and competition environment, all people of our Asgardia can become the richest and happiest of inhabitants. I want better communication, friendship and peace for all the planets.

Location & electoral district: Monaco & District 5

Languages: Russian & English

Trade & Commerce Committee

Mr. Dimitris Kantalis

For the past 28 years I worked in the hospitality and cruise industry. But, for as long as I can remember, I always loved looking at the bright night sky. No matter what country we live in, we all have the same dream of touching the sky. 

Asgardia offers the possibility to do things in a different manner than we are used to on Earth – and that inspires me. The day has come when we can win back our lost human heritage. Asgardia is offering us the space to do that. A shared dream comes true through a window with a space view.

Location & electoral district: Corfu, Greece & District 13

Languages: English, Italian

Trade & Commerce Committee

Mr. Aleksandr Melnikov

I joined Asgardia because it was the dream of my life, and as soon as I heard about Asgardia, I did not hesitate to find the website, and began to study the materials on it. When I realised that this is exactly what I dreamed about I joined it straight away. I believe that it is possible to make Asgardia the most exemplary, peaceful, progressively developed nation on earth, and in space! 

We will be an example to all people of Earth – regardless of skin colour, eye colour, and religion. We can coexist peacefully, work, live, enjoy life, create our dreams. We can do this by making a success of Asgardia.

Location & electoral district: Russian & District 7

Languages: Russian

Trade & Commerce Committee

Ms. Ida Ryzhaya

As a professional economist with over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, I believe Asgardia can become a pioneer in creating a brand new and unique model of economy that connects earth-based and space-based industries. Space exploration is already creating new jobs and new challenges. This tendency is inevitably growing each year. Previously, only Governments have invested into space-related industries; but now space is becoming financially attractive for private business. 

Numbers of companies are ready to invest into space exploration and development. I believe that, with the combined experience of Asgardia’s AMPs, we can lead its citizens to a prosperous and stable future.

Location & electoral district: San Francisco, USA & By – election

Languages: Russian & English

Trade & Commerce Committee

Mr. Ismail Sengul

 I was born in Istanbul. I studied Trade at high school and university. My studies also included trade, economy, business management, advertising, accounting, law and tax, which helped me in my business life. Since I was little, I was always interested in Culture – as well as Science, Art, Sports and Music. 

If I do not research, if I do not digest information – I feel vulnerable. When I heard about Asgardia on TV I got really fascinated in the project. I looked into this deeply and decided on that basis to stand for election as an AMP.

Location & electoral district: Turkey & District 3

Languages: Turkish, English

Trade & Commerce Committee

Ms. Reivilson Silva

I’m married and I have 2 children and a grandson. I’m a trade and commerce and supply chain professional. I studied Economics at the University of Guarulhos; I got a Masters in production engineering at USP Polytechnic University; and an MBA in Operations, Products and Services Management at USP University. 

About 3 years ago, I first discovered Asgardia. I was very curious. When I read properly about the project, I was enchanted so I decided to be part of Asgardia to make the dreams come true.

Location & electoral district: Sao Paulo, Brazil & District 1

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish