Science Committee

Science Committee

Mr. Luca Sorriso-Valvo

I am a researcher and professor in Space Physics. I gained my PhD in 2002 at Calabria University, Italy. After that, I began working at Nice Observatory, Italian National Research Council (current occupation), University of California at Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory, USA, and National Technical School, Quito, Ecuador. 

My field of expertise is space plasma turbulence, and I am involved in ESA and NASA satellite projects for plasma research. I was involved with Asgardia because it’s a great project, and it matches my personal and professional interests, and I think I can give a contribution to its development.

Location & electoral district: Rende, Calabria, Italy & District 5

Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, some Portuguese

Science Committee

Committee Secretary
Mr. Chris Dipple

I have been interested in space since watching the moon landings at age eleven. It is apparent that humanity needed to spread its risk; in particular, to establish viable self reliant of planet colonies (In orbit, using asteroid resources). The lessons learnt from such colonies would then inform our efforts to stabilise population, raise the standard of living of all humanity to that of developed countries while reducing externalities (wasteful food production/land use, generation of greenhouse gasses, species loss, pollution, etc). Key technologies of personal interest to support the above are Machine Intelligence, and open ledger technology (Blockchain).

Location & electoral district: Salisbury, UK & District 1

Languages: English

Science Committee

Mr. Dr. Steven Behram

I am a futurist, entrepreneur, physician. I’ve been practicing medicine since 1998 and I’ve delivered thousands of terrestrial babies. As a parent, I understand the importance of developing a realistic, but optimistic, vision for future generations. I’ve developed and successfully marketed a number of inventions & ventures, involving transfer of intellectual properties. 

I’ve been able to demonstrate my ability to build networks successfully. “To this end, my goal is to use these skills and resources to create a brighter vision for tomorrow.” Nation building is no easy task. It takes a village to create a new world!

Location & electoral district: Rockville, USA & District 1

Languages: English

Science Committee

Mr. Ming-Ju Chiang

”If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.”- Tim Minear. I believe Asgardia represents humanity’s greatest hopes and dreams.  As a member of Asgardia’s Parliament, I plan to defend fairness and equality for all.  I take very seriously my dedication to the citizens of Asgardia, and will vote only in their best interests. 

I am a supporter of the Resource-Based-Economy model. In order for Asgardia to be sustainable, we need to work together. Asgardia is proud to be able to share its global experience with you.

Location & electoral district: Taiwan & District 13

Languages: Mandarin & English

Science Committee

Mr. Andreas Chiou

In my everyday life I’m a project manager. My hobbies include design, Architecture, Construction, Smart Cities and Urban Technologies, Internet applications, Social Network Analysis, Web development, Sailing, Fishing, Scuba Diving and space! Getting involved in Asgardia gave me an opportunity to work on extremely exciting areas like an online space education “E-Academy” ( – and I even got to develop it!

Location & electoral district: Athens, Greece & District 13

Languages: Greek, Italian, English

Science Committee

Mr. Millard Deutsch

Asgardia is the first CIVILIAN space nation.  There have been many very advanced unacknowledged Special Access Secret Space Programs since the 1920’s. All of the technology of Free Energy extracted from the vacuum, faster than light-speed travel, teleportation, the gravitational implosion of space made into matter, holographic bio-bed medical technology, human longevity, interplanetary inter-species diplomacy and so forth has existed for decades.  This is where Asgardia would start.

Location & electoral district: USA & District 1

Languages: English

Science Committee

Ms. Ariadne Gallardo

I’m involved in Asgardia because I truly believe it’s time for humanity to prepare for a future life in space. One of my passions is campaigning about space debris – a concern that we must urgently recognise.

 I would like to know everything about the needs and worries of every Asgardian around the world; it is important to create a strong connection and understanding between us all. Then, in the future, we can reach our goal of living freely, working together and having mutual respect no matter what colour our skin or our geographic situation is.

Location & electoral district: Mérida, Yucatán, México & D 4

Languages: Spanish and Intermediate English

Science Committee

Mr. Sergey Krichevskiy

Asgardia is a wonderful project that allows the survival and development of mankind in space. I take part in the organisation of scientific and technical activities and education for obtaining, creating, applying fundamentally new knowledge and technologies to preserve Earth and promote space exploration. I’m a member of Asgardia’s Science Committee. We work on figuring out the ways for protection, preservation, purification and restoration of the environment on Earth and in Space. 

We also seek an urgent solution to the problem of “space debris” with the application of new knowledge, technologies and control systems. My committee has also been busy finding an active system for protecting the Earth and near-Earth space, including the Moon, from the asteroid-comet hazard.

Location & electoral district: Moscow, Russia & District 7

Languages: Russian

Science Committee

Mr. Jeffrey Manber

I’m a commercial space entrepreneur.  I truly believe in making space a normal place to live and work. But we need to rethink how we regulate in-space commerce as we prepare for an era where more and more humans will live and work in space – and that’s the kind of work I focus on as an AMP.

Location & electoral district: USA & District 1

Languages: English

Science Committee

Mr. Richard Okuniewicz

As a graduate electronic engineer, with many years of professional experience, I believe technology can solve our futuristic goals for a high and safe standard of living, keeping all of humanity involved. With practical experience in the cultures of India, Brazil and the U.S.A., which collectively represent more than 25% of our Earth population, I offer substantial representation for Asgardia’s future inhabitants. 

MY PERSONAL GOAL: A Resource Based Economy free of borders as we know them. We aim at promoting the sense of highest positive ethical standards in planetary space. I also, of course, do my best to ensure that any resources Asgardia has are used the best way possible. As a growing nation we need to make good decisions, so we don’t destroy what we have. For myself, becoming involved with Asgardia was a destiny that was not controlled.

Location & electoral district: Brazil, Sao Miguel RN & District 13

Languages: English & Portuguese

Science Committee

Ms. Amber Ready

My formal education is in Environmental and Wildlife studies, and animal husbandry. Humans cannot survive without food, air, water. The knowledge of environment studies and wildlife combined with space science are necessary to complete the piece of the puzzle and realise such a complex challenge as life in space. 

My interests in Asgardia grew when I noticed that Asgardia wasn’t just going to tackle managing human life in space, but also the challenge of building entire communities. I thought, how interesting to expand our living capabilities to lower orbit – not only to live but to study, protect and learn that which we do not see presently on the ground. Reaching for something they say you can’t have is something all of us should strive for.

Location & electoral district: USA, Texas & District 1

Languages: English

Science Committee

Mr. Jeremy Saget

Aerospace Physician, Weightless Flight Surgeon and ZeroG Instructor, MD, MS, EMBA. Peace Keepers medical support. Theoretical knowledge Instructor (Human Performance and Limitations). Long-term advocate for the democratisation of Space, the importance of such access to anyone (wherever you happen to be born), through many interventions and conferences. 

Involved in the Spaceflight participant training for 7+ years. Very aligned with the meaningful core values of Asgardia – Ingenuity & Science, peaceful exploration, universal protection endeavour, unifying & enlightened humanism, grown world to reinvent – and thus Asgardian since day one.

Location & electoral district: France, Bordeaux & District 6

Languages: French (native), English (C2)