Prime Minister’s Birthday

On 23 Aquarius (January 23), Asgardia’s Head of Government, Lena De Winne, celebrates her birthday. It is high time to recall some milestones of her successful career.

Lena De Winne holds an MSc in engineering, an MBA, and a PhD in psychology. After fifteen years of working at the European Space Agency, where she was engaged in business development, liaison, promotion and education. She published several popular books about space in English and Russian and hosted a television programme in Belgium. In 2013, she joined Asgardia Independent Research Center (AIRC) as a director, where she took on further duties as a director of ROOM, The Space Journal. Lena De Winne played a vital role in setting up and running Asgardia, the First Space Nation founded by Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, and remained at the core of its operation in the position of Head of Administration and, since 16 Capricornus, 0004 (December 17, 2020), Head of Asgardia’s Government.

‘Asgardia is something unique. For the first time in the history of mankind, people united into a Nation neither by their place of birth, nor by the language and ethnicity, but at their own good will. The criteria for this choice have been dreams and aspirations, the desire to make this world a better place, and confidence in themselves and their chosen path. Asgardia has given new meanings and reasons to everyone who joined it, including myself. I am very grateful to its creator and a man of all times, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, for the opportunity to work with the ideas and people of Asgardia,’ Prime Minister says.

Some of the nation’s prominent members share their greetings and stories.

‘Dear Prime Minister,

Your birthday is a special occasion in our nation. I wish you all the happy returns from us on earth, and from our dreams in space. We are on a magnificent journey, and it is a pleasure to be making it with you.

Many happy returns!’

Lembit Öpik, Chairman of Asgardia’s Parliament

‘I would like to bring my best wishes to Lena on her special day! I am extremely pleased to see that she was appointed as the new Prime Minister of our nation last year, which means that our nation is entering into a new stage of its development. Lena, it has been such a pleasure to have worked closely with you in the past years! You have set up an extraordinary example for many of us, and I look forward to working with you in the many years to come! Happy birthday!’

Yun Zhao, Supreme Justice of Asgardia

‘Dear Madame Prime Minister,

I wish you a phenomenal next round around Sol, hopefully with many ‘normal’ events instead of the past surreal year. Congratulations with your birthday.’

Floris Wuyts, Minister of Science of Asgardia, Professor at the University of Antwerp

‘Lena de Winne is a strong woman with a sharp mind and strong principles. Her ability to look at situations from different angles and being self-aware makes her a great Prime Minister and Leader. I feel honoured to be part of her team. Therefore, I wish Lena all the best for her birthday! Stay healthy, stay on the sunny side of the street and may you keep reaching for the stars. That’s why they are there!’

Mark Bogen, Minister of Finance of Asgardia, CEO of Asgardian Financial Ark (AFA)

‘Congratulations, Lena – have a great birthday!! Sorry we can’t be with you to celebrate! From the whole team at ROOM Space Journal of Asgardia.’

Clive Simpson, Managing Editor of ROOM, The Space Journal

‘Lena, congratulations on your birthday! I hope and wish all of us here at Asgardia will make our shared dreams come true!’

Jacob Mulder, MADmelange.Space, Jacobs.Space, Asgardian Member of Parliament

‘I would like to extend my very happy birthday wishes to Lena! I can’t wait until we can celebrate together as a group again in person. While this year has placed many pieces of our lives on hold, I am blessed to be a part of such a resilient group as Asgardia, and I look forward to working with you moving forward in your newest leadership role.’

Brian Froelke, Trade and Commerce, Finance Committee of Asgardia’s Parliament

‘May your birthday be the start of a year filled with good luck, good health and much happiness.’

Amalia Manias, Culture Committee of Asgardia’s Parliament

‘Dear Lena,

It is a pleasure to celebrate your birthday today. I look forward to celebrating many more! It is a privilege to be your colleague at Asgardia and to continue to see your passionate and valuable leadership in Asgardia. I wish you a wonderful day.’

Egbert Edelbroek, Culture Committee of Asgardia’s Parliament

‘Please convey my best wishes for a happy and enjoyable birthday to our PM.’

Paul Biggs, Asgardian Member of Parliament

Source: AsgardiaSpace