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The Parliament is an unicameral legislature representing all Asgardian citizens. It consists of 150 members selected from all-national equal direct elections on the basis of language in proportion to the 12 official languages of Asgardia. A Chairman and his deputies are elected by the Members of Parliament from among the members of the Parliament. Parliament comprises 12 committees whose areas of responsibility correspond to the Government ministries.

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Parliament According To The Constitution

1. The Parliament shall be a unicameral legislature representing all Asgardian citizens.

2. The Parliament shall consist of 150 members selected from all-national equal direct elections on the basis of language in proportion to the 12 official languages of Asgardia, taking into account an allocation to other language representatives in accordance with Asgardia’s laws.

3. Members of Parliament shall be elected for a term of five years from among Asgardian citizens who have reached the age of 40.

4. Elections shall be conducted and votes shall be counted by the Central Electoral Commission in accordance with the election law of Asgardia.

5. A member of Parliament can be elected for an unlimited number of terms, with the maximum age of 80.

6. Members of Parliament shall elect a Chairman and his/her deputies from among the Members.

7. Parliamentary sessions may be held in person, remotely, or electronically; they can be restricted or open, in accordance with Asgardia’s laws.

8. Representatives of governmental bodies shall attend parliamentary sessions if invited.

9. The Head of Nation may dissolve the Parliament. The Prosecutor General may also propose the dissolution of Parliament to the Court. If the Court is satisfied with the arguments made in favor of dissolution, it may dissolve the Parliament in accordance with the parliamentary law.

10. The Parliament’s powers shall include:

– adopting Asgardian law;

– appointing the Chairman of the Parliament, the Chairman of the National Bank of Asgardia, the Justices of the Court on the proposal of the Supreme Space Council; and removing them from post on the proposal of the Head of Nation or the Supreme Space Council;

– appointing and removing ministers from post on the proposal of the Chairman of the Government;

– appointing and removing auditors of the National Audit Office of Asgardia from post;

– calling elections for the Head of Nation;

– deciding on the resignation of the Government and individual ministers;

– approving the Head of Nation decisions to declare a state of emergency;

– calling referenda;

– holding parliamentary hearings and investigations, including summoning representatives of governmental bodies.

11. The Parliament shall issue resolutions on matters within its purview, pursuant to the Constitution and laws of Asgardia. The parliamentary procedure for adopting Acts and responsibility for violation of this procedure shall be set by the parliamentary law.

12. The Parliament shall comprise 12 permanent committees whose areas of responsibility correspond to the Government ministries.

Mr. Lembit Opik

Chairman of Parliament

I am Lembit Öpik, Chair of the Parliament of Asgardia – the world’s first Space Nation.

Asgardia is the world’s first true ‘digital democracy.’ We make laws and vote on policies, with up to 150 Asgardian Members of Parliament (AMPs). If you are between 40 and 80 years old and you have a university-level degree, you can stand for Parliament too.

This guide introduces the Asgardians Member of Parliament (AMPs) and how to contact them. With 12 recognized earth languages, we welcome everyone. You can join Asgardia for free as a ‘follower.’ To vote and to be an AMP you need to pay an annual fee.

Welcome to Asgardia. Join us in our mission to live democratically and peacefully in space.

One humanity, one unity.

Mr. Benjamin Dell

Deputy Chairman of Parliament

After 16 years in the South African Airforce, specializing in Fire control RADAR and Educational Technology, I moved into the IT field where I established my own company.

After almost half a lifetime of building a sustainable business that is independent and will hopefully be around for a long time, I also chaired and served on various business and social service boards and non-profit companies. I always had an interest in space exploration.

I’m convinced that the development and exploration of space will someday be of fundamental importance for the future development and survival of humanity. Joining Asgardia is the next logical choice in helping build that future.

Mr. Sotirios Alexandros Mouzakitis

Deputy Chairman of Parliament​

Asgardians, we are fellow citizens and therefore all connected not by race, nor by state, as we are all citizens of the world. We are connected in this vision by our free will, which is the common inheritance and responsibility of the human race. And we are united, because all of us dare to believe in what we cannot yet touch, and because we look up high like all ambitious humans do.

Asgardia is the place where we can materialize the dream together. I am a lawyer, specialized in commercial and property law. I work with clients of different nationalities and use my skills to advance whatever ideas are brought forth, coordinating projects until their successful completion.

I continue cooperating with every Asgardian in the open and democratic frame that our new nation guarantees. I also oversee legislation in its development to ensure legal compliance.



Mr. Dennis Shoemaker

Elaborate, coordinate, and disseminate the information policy of the Government as well the coverage of its activities around the world and in space.

Provide Information and Communication Technology (ITC) access to all citizens. Protect the use of information and accuracy of its content.

Ms. Ariadne Gallardo

The Citizenship Committee has the task of overseeing the expenditure, administration, and policy of the Ministry for Citizenship and its associated public bodies.

Mr. Benjamin Dell

The Foreign Affairs Committee’s remit is to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Foreign Office, other bodies associated with the Foreign Office.

Mr. Sotirios Alexandros Mouzakitis

The Justice Committee is appointed to ensure the effective operation of the expenditure, administration and policy of the Ministry of Justice.

Mr. John Edward Fine

The Trade Committee is appointed to contribute to the processes of the expenditure, administration and policy of the Ministry for Trade and Commerce, and associated public bodies.

Mr. Luca Sorriso Valvo

The Science Committee exists to ensure that Government policy is based on good scientific and engineering advice and evidence.

Mr. Boris Berenfeld

The Youth and Education Committee monitors the policy, administration and spending of the Ministry for Youth and Education and its associated bodies.

Ms. Cheryl Gallagher

The Committee for Culture participates in the development of the policy, administration and expenditure of the Ministry for Culture, and associated bodies.

Mr. Michael Chirino

The Safety and Security Committee is appointed to help to safeguard the integrity of Asgardia’s communication, trade and commerce systems.

Mr. Alexander Ryzhy

The Finance Committee considers expenditure on services and has particular responsibility for the preparation and detailed scrutiny of Asgardia’s budget.

Mr. Alexander Alshvang

The Equity and Resources Committee is appointed to examine the expenditure, administration and application of the resources of Asgardia, and associated public bodies.

Mr. Fernando Jimenez Motte

The Manufacturing Committee is appointed to add to the effective administration, expenditure, and policy of the Ministry for Manufacturing and its associated public bodies.

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