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    Why we should use AI in Asgardia?

    The primary objective of the Asgardia Space Nation is to establish a settlement in space, and to achieve this goal, organized efforts are being pursued by the governmental bodies and citizens. Although in this path, Asgardia is facing many difficulties such as scientific, legal, cultural and economic challenges. As a progressive and futuristic society, it is expected form Asgardia to employ the best and latest achievements in science and technology for its development.
    Recently, the arrival of artificial intelligence into human society has brought many surprises and discussions. Large Language and hybrid models, which are publicly and commercially available now, can surprisingly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of various tasks in human society. As Asgardia is a progressive nation, this is not far from expectation that the achievements of artificial intelligence will be used effectively in the government and society of this nation. But the question is how Asgardia can use artificial intelligence for its missions and objectives. Based on my personal experience in last few months with intelligent systems, as well as five years of working with the Parliament, I can suggest some ideas on Asgardia can use artificial intelligence to the extent of the capabilities currently available to the public:
    – Using artificial intelligence to reduce the language barrier: Asgardia is a worldwide community including people from different cultures. Previously, efforts have been made to use simultaneous translations in a few languages in Asgardia official sittings, and also to publish some important documents, such as the Constitution, in different languages. But AI language models, in addition to increasing the quality of machine translations, can produce or convert the content and subjects discussed in Asgardia in a simpler context for the public and in different languages. This capability can contribute the unity and solidarity of the international community of Asgardia.
    – Use of artificial intelligence to reduce the expertise gap: One of the problems in Asgardia is dealing with complex concepts. Understanding the technical, scientific, commercial and legal issues that Asgardia deals with, in many cases requires knowledge of the background of the subject or having related expertise. Since the society of Asgardia is built on democratic values and public participation, it seems crucial to have a public dialogue on these issues in a proper way. AI Language models can provide the ability to present and discuss complex scientific, technical or legal issues in a very simple and understandable language. Certainly, this approach can significantly help the exchange of ideas and opinions in Asgardia society.
    – The use of artificial intelligence in producing of messages and content: one of Asgardia’s most important challenges is to deliver the message and its supreme values to people who are interested or active in space-related activities. The production and distribution of suitable contents, considering the financial and specialized limitations in Asgardia, can be expanded by using AI tools.
    – Use of artificial intelligence in legislation and governance: One of the biggest challenges in Asgardia’s parliament and government is the research and drafting legislations, policies and instructions. AI language models at the current level of capability, can be effectively used for research in legal issues and to check the comprehensiveness of documents. This can increase the speed of work processes in the government and parliament.
    – Intelligent interaction with users through AI web services like interactive chat and analysis the data of user and citizen and planning based on the analyzed data are among the classic applications of artificial intelligence that can also be used effectively in Asgardia.
    Of course, it should be noted that the use of artificial intelligence is not without problems. Artificial intelligence at the level of its current capabilities may produce or suggest incorrect information and resources, or reflect the biases and orientations of human society in its productions. Among the Asgardian society, there is a good consensus that Asgardian society should develop away from the traditional and historical problems of terrestrial societies. We certainly don’t want these problems and hostilities, hidden among the data generated by AI systems to be transferred to the futuristic society of Asgardia. But at the same time, we need to prepare the country of Asgardia in an optimal way for deployment in space, and artificial intelligence can be a central tool in optimization. We must remember that “resources” are limited in space and every possible method should be used for optimal use of resources.

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