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    4 days, 15 hours ago

    People have asked me why Asgardia means so much to me. This picture sums it up. There are people out there who don’t know me, but who want to kill me. Why? Because of hate. For me…. I am a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Oh…one of THOSE…. Yeah….does anyone notice ALL the letters? For the record, I fall in the “A” category, which we call, “Aces” or asexuals. Under the Aces, there are about 6 or 7 subcategories…soooo….I am a Demi-sexual ace. Look it up. So someone wants me dead, because I don’t like sex. What a stupid thing to be killed for. But assholes like the person who shot up Club Q didn’t bother to ask people their orientation. In fact, one of the people who died was straight. He, and the family he was with, are/were all straight. So why were they in a “gay” bar? Because, they were good people. They had a friend who was performing in a drag show (which are fun, by the way) and they were there having fun and supporting their friend. Now that family is traumatized and one of them is dead. I don’t go to the local LGBT club in my city. I am even nervous when I go to Pride events.

    But it was not just Colorado. I brick was thrown through the window of an LGBT bar in New York City, two men were caught before they could attack a synagogue with an arsenal. Asians and Muslims are being attacked. It is insane!

    My dream, is to walk down a street holding my wife’s hand, to kiss her goodbye, to go out to dinner and dance, just to be like everyone else! Hate, must end. I can’t imagine walking down the street with my fiancé and not being afraid that we might be attacked. But I dream of Asgardia. Of living on a station and being safe. Everyone should be able to live their lives in peace and feel safe. So, Asgardia means to me that I could live in safety and you can not even imagine how much that means to me!

    As long as I hold a office in Asgardia I will do everything in my power to see that hate never comes to Asgardia and that all people are treated equally and with respect. I look at that flag and the bullet holes and I want to cry for the lives lost and I am furious at what is happening. Space is dangerous enough without crazies that hate up there!

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