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    3 months, 4 weeks ago

    Things have been rough lately. I have lost both my parents in the last six months. I buried my stepfather on Friday, so I haven’t been available as much as I would like. August means starting back at University for the Fall term of my Master’s degree. I don’t stop, I keep going, I keep fighting for my goals. Easy? No, but anything worthwhile takes effort and determination.

    People want instant gratification. They want everything, NOW. But that which endures and is worthy, takes time. Asgardia will take time. It will take care and patience. It will take dedication and the determination to make things better for humanity, than they are now. Every Resident (Citizen) needs to fight to be the best that humanity can be. Is it easy? No. Worth it? Yes! What we do, is a matter of survival. Humanity can not continue as it is now. We will destroy ourselves. We must change, evolve, become more than we currently are. We must rise above the tumult and bring hope.

    We can do it. We can be better. We can take hate and make it into hope. We can unite instead of divide. Build, instead of destroy. It takes courage, determination, and will. It is easy to hate someone. It seems natural. It is an easy trap to fall into. From the time you are born, you belong to groups and trained to fear the “other”. What we need to do, is embrace that which is different from us. Together, we can do great things! But if you allow hate and division to rule you, you will accomplish nothing.

    I wish that I could live to see what Asgardia will become. If you are strong enough to overcome your base nature and through Unity build a better future. Can it be done? Yes. How do I know? Because I did it. I made a decision not to hate…I made a decision to strive for a better future for everyone. The question is….are YOU strong enough to do the same? Do YOU have the guts and determination to make a better future!? Feeling powerless, overwhelmed? How can one person change the future? You can’t. But working together with others? You can do amazing things! How badly do you want to see change? How hard will you work for a better future for your children? How hard will you work to see that your grandchildren will have a safe place to go in space, when the idiot of Earth destroy this beautiful world?

    Sit on your couch. Complain that Asgardia isn’t moving fast enough. But what are you doing to help us speed up? Are you a Resident? are you helping anywhere in Asgardia? Are you starting a business so we can have an economy and a GDP so we can build our future. Or are you just a loud, whiny voice complaining? The longer it takes for you to get off the fence…the longer it will take to get things done. 5000 people, doing the best they can…you think we are too slow. What could we accomplish with a million Residents?

    The future, is up to you. Do you have what it takes to make it to space and help save humanity? If not, you might as well leave and go back to watching TV.



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