Lena De Winne Appointed as Prime Minister of Asgardia

On 24 Capricornus, 0004 (December 25, 2020) the Head of the Space Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli signed Decree No. 49 On Appointment of Prime Minister of Asgardia. From that moment, Lena De Winne officially took office.

The Head of the Cabinet appointment procedure was consistent with Article 34 of the Constitution of Asgardia. On 16 Capricornus, 0004 (December 17, 2020), the Supreme Space Council (SSC), chaired by the Head of the Space Nation, considered several candidates and decided to propose Ms. Lena De Winne to Parliament for approval.

Her appointment was decided by the members’ of Parliament vote on 17-19 Capricornus, 0004 (December 18-20, 2020) during the X (VIII digital) sitting of Parliament.

During the discussion, many AMPs noted Lena’s contribution to the establishment of the Space Nation, her familiarity with all aspects of Asgardian life, her professional experience in the field of Space, and her hands-on approach to doing work. According to the speakers, these are exactly the qualities that a Prime Minister needs to implement the ideas of Asgardia as soon as practicable.

As per Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli’s Decree No. 49, Lena De Winne assumes her new duties as of 24 Capricornus, 0004 (December 25, 2020). She has been relieved of her position as Head of Administration to the Head of the Space Nation.

The new Prime Minister is instructed to complete formation of the Cabinet in the nearest future.


Source: AsgardiaSpace