Lembit Opik

Chairman of Parliament of Asgardia

Lembit Öpik was born March 2, 1965 in Bangor, United Kingdom. British politician, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrat Party, published author of fiction and non-fiction, and a regular contributor as a political commentator on national and international programmes.  

My mother and father were both born in the Baltic nation of Estonia. My Grandfather, Ernst Julius Öpik, was an internationally recognised astronomer. I myself graduated from the British University of Bristol, with a degree in Philosophy. I worked in multinational company Procter & Gamble until 1997, when I was elected as a Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons. I travel internationally to promote Asgardia, working closely with Asgardia’s founder and Head of Nation, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, to implement Dr Ashurbeyli’s vision for the Space Nation. As Asgardia’s first Chair of Parliament (or ‘Speaker’) I help to develop Asgardia’s political system. I chair weekly digital meetings and create relationships with other political organisations and nations to develop the Space Nation’s profile. I am a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

In 1997, Lembit Öpik was elected to British Parliament where he served for 13 years. In 2001, he was elected Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrat Party. During his years in that role the movement achieved its greatest political advances since the party was formed. Since 2010, Mr. Öpik has been very active in three areas: writing, broadcasting and public affairs. He is a published author of fiction and non-fiction, and a regular contributor as a political commentator on national and international programmes. Mr. Öpik is a qualified pilot and a professional aviation journalist, as well as a contributor to scientific and astronomy-based publications. He had the honour of knowing and meeting many great names in space and astronomy, including Sir Patrick Moore, Stephen Hawking, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Neil Armstrong (the first man on the moon) and Gene Cernan (the last man on the Moon). Mr. Öpik has worked with Rusty Schweickart (Apollo 9) on the asteroid threat and a long-time advocate for investment in space programmes. He is a ‘Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society’ (FRAS).
University of Bristol, Royal Belfast Academical Institution.

Professional Experience

1992 - 2013

2013: Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Motorcycle Action Group (UK

1998 – 2008: Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

1997: elected to British Parliament.

1992: elected Councillor in the Northern English city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

1997 - 2016

Broadcasting and Publishing

2012: published second book, The Alternative View, on UK political themes.

2012 – present: weekly contributor to Russia Today’s ‘Going Underground’ series.

2010: published first book – about Estonian culture.

2004 – present: regular journalist for Flight Training News

1997 – present: regular contributions to all the major British media outlets

1988 - 2015


2015 – present: supported work of international robot firm Starship Technologies.

2010: helped the successful campaign to secure the SKA funding for South Africa

2004 – present: various contributions to national/international space conventions

2004: established air taxi company: West European Air Services.

2000: secured publication of UK Government report on Near Earth Objects

2000 – present: many contributions to space and science related publications

1999: launched Parliamentary campaign on threat posed by Near Earth Objects

1998: collaborated with Spaceguard UK over Near Earth Object threat

1988: gained pilot’s licence for powered aircraft.

1988: commenced flying career in glider aircraft.

Language skılls

Native (English) 100%
Estonian 100%
French 100%
German 100%