Justice Committee

Justice Committee

Mr. Sotirios Alexandros Mouzakitis

Asgardians, we are fellow citizens and therefore all connected not by race, nor by state, as we are all citizens of the world. We are connected in this vision by our free will, which is the common inheritance and responsibility of the human race.  And we are united, because all of us dare to believe in what we cannot yet touch, and because we look up high, like all ambitious humans do. Asgardia is the place where we can materialise the dream together. 

I am a lawyer, specialised in commercial and property law. I work with clients of different nationalities and use my skills to advance whatever ideas are brought forth, coordinating projects until their successful completion. I continue cooperating with every Asgardian in the open and democratic frame that our new nation guarantees. I also oversee legislation in its development to ensure legal compliance.

Location & electoral district: Greece & By – election

Languages: English & Greek

Justice Committee

Mr. Hugo Gutierez

Life in space is a milestone that humanity must achieve to survive. Asgardia is one of the answers to reaching this goal. Without a doubt we can protect life on earth by delivering alternative living conditions in space and generating alliances with other planetary systems. I’m into track and field sports and I love communication. 

I’m a Founder of various ventures: a Radio program La Taberna, Sports Club CDSC Céfiro-Cordillera, NGO Social Support Kometas Chile and NGO Scientific Education Innovaciente. I’m also national coordinator of the International Network of SDG Promoters in Chile

Location & electoral district: South America, Chile & District 13

Languages: Spanish & English

Justice Committee

Mr. Jan Hennemann

Every step forward we take means a step into the future for ourselves, our kids and any future generation. The concept of Nation States has not been very peaceful over the last 100 years and we should not take these conflicts with us when taking the steps to the stars. A peaceful and united approach has to be the goal. To turn this vision into a real future we need to overcome difficulties and boundaries – we need to work together. 

The question at this stage is not what can ASGARDIA do for me but what can I DO to make ASGARDIA work. This is why I decided to become an AMP. My experience as law school graduate with extensive international experience as a Business Consultant and private experience in the Non-Profit sector bridges international and cultural differences to reach the ASGARDIA Goal ‘Unity.’

Location & electoral district: Germany & By- election

Languages: English & German

Justice Committee

Mr. Boris Lemper

As an AMP I work hard on implementation of the consolidation of the international legal status of the cosmic state of Asgardia – and the recognition of the space nation by the UN. I also think it important that we tackle the economic and legal issues in terms of ensuring investment by private companies in the sphere of space development with the use of the blockchain and the digital currency – the Solar. 

In addition to that, I’m interested in laws on the use of outer space and the development of space legislation generally. I am confident that my knowledge and experience in the field of international law serve the interests of Asgardia. I’m passionate to help Asgardia realise its noble goals of space accessibility for all mankind.

Location & electoral district: Israel & By – election

Languages: Russian

Justice Committee

Mr. Paul Lovette

I grew up with an eye always to the future and a better humanity.  I am an avid fan of Star Trek as it represents “One Humanity and One Unity” or, as I like to call it, “Humanity 2.0.”  I work in the Information Technology field doing virtual networks, storage area networks and e-mail server administration, to name a few. 

My hobbies include singing in a community choir and community theatre. I got involved with Asgardia on the day it was announced. I saw the announcement on a news website and signed up in the first hours of our nation. I’ve never looked back.

Location & electoral district: California, United States & District 1

Languages: English

Justice Committee

Mr. Charles Metet

I was born in January 01, 1978 in Bomet, Kenya. I’m married and I am a dedicated person with a family of four. I am upbeat, self-motivated and a team player. One of the highest honours of my life has been becoming an AMP. That allowed me to serve society, and to make a positive difference to humanity.  

I’m honoured to say that I, with my colleagues, have been facilitating the process of law enactment through the work of our justice committee.

Location & electoral district: Kenya,Bomet city & District 1

Languages: Kiswahili & English

Justice Committee

Ms. Aida M. Crescente Tamaris

I worked as an Officer focused on maintaining peace, security and safety within correction centres and federal prison systems. I got involved in Asgardia, when I read a message that said ‘ Asgardia, the Space Nation, is for all people no matter how old, who want to live in space!’ That interested me and I signed up straight away to become a Member of Parliament. Because of my previous experience, I decided to devote myself to Asgardia’s Safety and Security Committee. 

I believe that we can peacefully live as one without any weapons, as our constitution dictates.

Location & electoral district: Maine USA & By-election

Languages: English and Spanish