News Crossword Jan 24, 2021

Read the news articles posted by Dennis Shoemaker (Admin) to solve the crossword puzzle.

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1. Tests out five advanced materials and how well they can prevent illness causing microorganisms from settling and growing in microgravity.
2. The first several notes of YoYo Ma’s rendition harkened back to the xxx xxx score.
3. They were able to tease out a xxx produced by the inner companion star orbiting the primary star
4. The challenge of getting to space is equal parts the vehicle, the launch infrastructure and the xxx .
5. the capsule was made to xxx at 2 to 3 degrees a second, so that future passengers can experience a 360degree view during their flight.
6. xxx tends to build up in the constantly recycled air inside the ISS.
7. xxx casket was then shot out into the planet Genesis and was meant to be a symbol of hope
8. researchers picked up the trail on xxx as part of a cache of planet candidates they were following up on
9. The company and CAA spent 18 months designing flight procedures and systems to let Dawn's planes fly safely along with xxx flights at the airport
10. Blasted off from the company’s private launch site in west Texas, carrying an upgraded crew capsule containing a test xxx dubbed “Mannequin Skywalker”.