Feb. 1st 2021

Read the news articles posted by Dennis Shoemaker (Admin) to solve the crossword puzzle.

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1. The spacewalkers' first task will be to head over the the space station's Port4 truss structure and install an xxxx plate for the new lithiumion battery.
2. As EV2, Glover will wear the plain xxxx suit with no stripes.
3. Venus can be glimpsed only for the xxxx few days of the month very low above the eastsoutheastern horizon for just a short while before sunrise.
4. During the latter half of the month, Saturn begins to slowly xxxx into view against the dawn twilight.
5. The rocket is also carried some bluShift xxxx for future investors.
6. The company is targeting customers with xxxx who want more flexibility or control over their orbits.
7. Because the black hole rotates so fast, it drags xxxx around like a vortex.
8. It is suggested the plasmas for xxxx energy from a spinning black hole are created where intense magnetic field lines tangle, break and rejoin just outside its event horizon.
9. Oatmeal was meant both to raise our spirits and serve as a dose of hope for better xxxx later in the day.
10. The Engineering Officer assisted us from inside to flip the switch between solarbased energy and the xxxx.