Information & Communication Committee

Information & Communication Committee

Mr. Navid Basseri

I am honoured to be the only representative of Persian speaking Asgardians. I believe Asgardia is a fascinating idea and it is a unique chance for all of us to participate in building a futuristic society from the ground up. 

This was a strong motivation for me and many of us to join the Asgardia. As a Software Engineer and IT expert, I hope I can share my experiences in a useful manner for developing the Space Nation of Asgardia. I am very pleased to be able to keep the Persians’ participation alive in this historic opportunity.

Location & electoral district: Iran & District 11

Languages: Persian(Farsi)

Information & Communication Committee

Ms. Aleksandra Azova

As mother, wife, active member of the local and international community and philanthropist, I’m sure that with a right structured program, plus a talented and well guided parliament and government – together with other unique members of Asgardia community – we can achieve new levels of understanding, universal peace, eternal love, harmony and a new secured future for generations to come. 

As a woman I’m standing for equality of rights, opportunities and education regardless of gender, nationality and background. Moreover, I’m standing for freedom of speech and information so people can make their own choices. We can build absolutely new systems of communication, where all individuals can freely exchange information, get the latest universal news and express their opinions without the fear of being judged by others. The Lord created us in his image and likeness and I strongly believe we can transform ourselves and society in terms of everything we believe.

Location & electoral district: USA & By-election

Languages: Russian

Information & Communication Committee

Mr. Eskerkhan Bekmurzayev

Asgardia unites people who are inspired by its own vision of humanity; who support the idea of a free and equal access to space; who are specialized in space traveling and earth security to protect Humanity from space threats. 

These things are crucial for the development and survival of Humanity in space. Asgardia will offer a bright future! Future generations need a stable and united country in which they will be a vital part of this society. With Asgardia, the world will be more organized, a clean space, respectful, where the resources will be shared by every citizen. 


Location & electoral district: France & by – election

Languages: Russian & French

Information & Communication Committee

Mr. James Drewer

I have an extensive experience in British politics over the last 18 years and I’m very delighted to contribute the skills I have gained to the future prosperity of Asgardia. I became a press officer for the British Conservative Party in 2000. Since then, I’ve been a longstanding adviser to Conservative MPs and to the Conservative Party, specialising in media relations and public affairs campaigning. In the run up to the 2010 general election, I assisted members of the Shadow Cabinet with media handling. 

I was also a press adviser that travelled with the party leader on the general election tour. I have been employed as the Managing Partner of a London-based political communications consultancy. I aim to serve the Asgardian Constitution to the best of my ability, help build up the democracy & work to ensure equal access to space for all.

Location & electoral district: UK & By – election

Languages: English

Information & Communication Committee

Ms. Joanna Fenikowska

As a member of the Asgardian Parliament, I utilise my law degree and years of expertise with legislation to assist in the building of Asgardian law and administration. In order to have a presence in space and among Earthly countries, it is important for Asgardia to have strong internal legislation for our citizens. 

Although it is a challenge creating and adapting various types of regulation, such as intellectual property, administrative, and civil law, I desire to help build a strong legal foundation for Asgardia’s future.

Location & electoral district: USA & By – election

Languages: English

Information & Communication Committee

Mr. John Fine

My current profession is a quality control inspector for a contractor within the Department of Defense.  Retired US Army, currently enrolled in the University of Troy Alabama, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Military Operations.  I am married to my wonderful wife for 15 years, and currently have 3 children at home. 

I got involved with Asgardia because I was on social media sites interacting with other space fans when I came across a post about Asgardia.  Upon investigating Asgardia, I knew I wanted to be a part of such a grand adventure. The Asgardia dream has kept me going. 

Location & electoral district: Woodland, USA & District 13

Languages: English; basic Spanish and German.

Information & Communication Committee

Mr. Sergey Gorbunov

I am a Colonel in the Russian military space forces reserve, an engineer for space radio engineering systems, from 1997 to 2004 – a press Secretary of the Director of Rosaviakosmos (Roscosmos). 

I also worked in the Protocol of the President of Russia and in a number of organisations in the aviation and space areas. I’m a member of the Information and Communication Committee. One of my main responsibilities includes attracting various specialists to Asgardia.

Location & electoral district: Russian Federation, Moscow & District 7

Languages: Russian and a bit of English

Information & Communication Committee

Mr. Alex Milkus

I’m a member of the Public Council of Roskosmos State Corporation. I’m really interested in Asgardia but I believe that no country can develop without a modern education system. This is why as an AMP I push for the creation of the University of Asgardia with its own educational programs. 

We can start by developing programs in cooperation with leading universities and organisations working on popularisation of science in general and aerospace in particular. This way we can eventually create our own Asgardian system of education.

Location & electoral district: Russia & District 7

Languages: Russian

Information & Communication Committee

Mr. Derek Newhouse

I’m involved in Asgardia, as I want to help bring us to the future we all are working towards. I am not a scientist or an educator and I don’t have any fancy letters next to my name. 

I am just an average person trying to help make the world a little bit better by doing what I can to make it happen. I try to see all sides of a problem and help to find a realistic compromise to problems and to reach goals. I strive to be the voice within the Parliament to help bring what the average Asgardian would like our nation to be.

Location & electoral district: Canada & District 1

Languages: English

Information & Communication Committee

Mr. Jean-Philippe Paquette

I worked in sales and marketing for different forms of media. Now I’m the president and founder of Marché, a distribution company for small businesses, which is developing online stores, similar to Amazon. 

I love astronomy and space related topics. I got involved in Asgardia because I believe in the vision of one humanity working together to colonise the solar system.

Location & electoral district: Canada & District 6

Languages: French and English

Information & Communication Committee

Mr. Giordano Vintaloro

I am a translator, language consultant and freelance English professor. In my daily work, I deal with diversity, communication and mediation. I think my experience helps bring linguistic and cultural research skills in several areas (Italian, English, French, Spanish, the Arabic world). 

I have learnt various valuable lessons during over 10 years of teaching, which I believe are essential in supporting our young nation. I became an AMP because I believe it is our task to bring together our countries’ enormous heritage of history, language, traditions and institutions. I try to contribute to the strengthening of Asgardia’s identity and help establish strong relations with the countries and institutions of Earth, so that Asgardia can be recognised as a real, equal, serious and reliable interlocutor.

Location & electoral district: Gorizia, Italy & District 5

Languages: Italian & English