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Ethics in Space

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  • Okay so, a hundred years from now, Asgardia has built its Arks. There are arks on the moon, in space, on Mars, and another at the antipodes orbit of Earth. These Arks are underpopulated due to the severe restrictions placed by the founders on immigration to the Arks. Basically, you have to be legacy family members from the early twenty-first…Read More

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  • An ethical dilemma for the ladies. In the film Only 2019, a comet passes through the Earth’s atmosphere. As it dissolves into ash that covers the globe, the ash releases a virus that kills all the women on Earth. The Government scientists, in an effort to save humanity seeks to sequester what women remain to collect their eggs, and try to develop…Read More

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  • Nationalism is a disease that will enable war in space. As an Asgardian facing that interplanetary war, who do you side with? Asgardia? Your birth Nation? The most powerful space force? Come on folks! Pick a side, have an opinion. Or pick no side and be crushed under the military machines. Might as well think about it now. Your life and the life…Read More

    • Alright. For me it depends on a number of different factors. First things first. If I am already living in a Asgardian habitation or colony the simple answer would be to…

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      • Pick a side? But every Asgardian has 2 sides as we care to believe…Asgardia and their existing Nation/Country they are from. What about staying on the side of truth?…

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          • I like your thinking here, but under attack it might not be feasible. The ‘enemy’ may not have the same benevolent mind set as you leaving you with only one option, flee. Which in the end might be a delaying tactic. Do you see something I’m missing here?
              • One can’t just make a utopia world. One must learn those.who oppose. That will teach how.tomdefend yourself. Good or evil? There are your choices. Good formunity or…

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                  • Thank you for your thoughts. It’s ironic that dystopia is the default and utopia the goal. Yet so many folks are not willing to agree on even the most basic concepts and…

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            • A new Faster than Light propulsion system has recently been deployed but it has an unexpected affect on its users. It renders them infertile. Should the system be used only for those willing to suffer the irreversible effect or should it be abandoned completely? Your thoughts?

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            • You are on a colony ship and there is an outbreak of Cabin Fever. There is a vaccine developed by a group of scientists to combat it. One third of the crew refuses to take it! What is your ethical solution to the problem, as Cabin Fever spreads rapidly through the ship, and threatens to kill everyone, and abort the mission?

            • Disability is anticipated to be an increasing problem in space travel, particularly on long haul flights. How would you prepare a ship to accommodate blindness, fractures, mental disorders, and space sickness to name a few?

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            • In the film Stowaway, the crew finds a stowaway on board a ship bound for Mars. The journey takes five months. The stowaway inadvertently destroyed the carbon dioxide scrubber. There is only enough air for two maybe three passengers to make it to Mars. Every effort is made to resolve the problem including using up all the blue-green algae on…Read More

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              • I have not seen the movie yet. There are so many things to take into consideration but I would exhaust every other possible solution before asking for volunteers.
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