Finance Committee

Finance Committee

Mr. Alexander Ryzhy

I’m a professional accountant. I heard about Asgardia from my Russian friends and I became extremely interested in the project. I believe that the idea of creating a new Nation is just genius. Thanks to this, many Asgardian citizens have an opportunity to bring to life their ideas, which is hardly possible in our terrestrial countries. 

Part of my job, as Chair of Finance Committee, involves overseeing a significant lag between the Executive and the Legislative branches of government. Over the past two years, many laws and proposals have been approved. However, implementation is negligible laws work slowly and proposals die at the discussion stage. The reason is: lack of funding. This is why the number one task for Asgardia and for my committee is to learn how to earn money!

Location & electoral district: San Francisco, USA &13 District

Languages: Russian & English

Finance Committee

Mr. Brian Froelke

I’m a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician and approved in Emergency Medicine Services. I work primarily as an EMS Medical Director and in a level 1 tertiary care hospital. I worked for many years in the field of disaster medicine. I found out about Asgardia through coordination of events related to a solar eclipse.  

As an elected EMS official for the state of Missouri, my background in government and legislation allowed me to be involved in Asgardia’s early infrastructure. I have an optimistic view of the future of humanity through cooperation and collaboration and I’m amazed with all the work done towards permanent space colonisation.

Location & electoral district: Saint Louis, USA District 1

Languages: English

Finance Committee

Mr. Takuya Kaneko

I work on poverty reduction, monetary reform, finance and banking issues. I have been very active in the development of financial models and policy for the nation and continue to represent the Nation in my own earth home of Japan.

Location & electoral district: Saitama, Japan & District13

Languages: English and Japanese

Finance Committee

Ms. Jenia Kulman

Education and technology go hand in hand. As an AMP, I strive to promote education for Asgardians from early age. I believe that the more we educate everyone, the faster the technologies can develop. Asgardia gives us the platform for that, but in order to succeed, we need a number of qualified individuals. We should come together to ensure humanity’s habitat in space for the day when Earth’s resources run out.

Location & electoral district: Israel & By – election

Languages: Russian

Finance Committee

Mr. Christian Martineau

I believe in equality of human beings regardless of their ethnicity, gender, religion, culture. Everyone should be allowed free speech, free trade between different nations. Animals, just like human beings, have a right for certain protections. To ensure all of these things exist requires a lot of work; but it is possible if we unite and work together towards a better future for our new Space Nation – Asgardia.

Location & electoral district: Canada & District 1

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Finance Committee

Mr. Oliver Moehl

Asgardia is the first platform which unites people from all over the world independently of their background, origin and political position of the country of primary residence. It is the first time ever that a global process of unification in the development of the human race has been done by the people directly, not by terrestrial countries. Asgardians share common values and beliefs. Experience shows that a lot of similar societal and political problems arise nowadays in different parts of the world. We are clearly at a stage where solutions are necessary all over the globe. In Asgardia we have a great opportunity to transcend boundaries and develop the role of free, independent, responsible and engaged global citizens. Asgardia can inspire the rest by our example, and I work to assure that happens.

Location & electoral district: Switzerland & District 1

Languages: German, English, Russian, Italian & French

Finance Committee

Mr. Sergey Morozov

I studied at the Medical Institute and graduated from the University of Izhevsk in 1976. I also graduated from the Moscow Research Xray Radiological Institute of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in Moscow in 1985, from the Finance Academy under the Government of Russia in 2002, and completed doctoral studies in Central Economics and Mathematics at the Institute Russian Academy of Sciences in 2016. 

I’ve been the Chairman of the board of Elbimbank, adviser to the Secretary General of the EurAsian Economic Community, a senior research fellow at the National Development Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and, of course, a Member of the first Parliament of Asgardia.

Location & electoral district: Russia & District 7

Languages: Russian

Finance Committee

Ms. Inna Pomorina

Education is very important to all citizens of Asgardia and should be provided for all. It should include general education, science education, space education and financial literacy. These are the goals I hope to assist with in my work in Asgardia, as well as contributing to the important work of our Science Committee.

Location & electoral district: Bath, UK & By – election

Languages: Russian & English