Equity & Resources Committee

Equity & Resource Committee

Mr. Alex Alshvang

I do honestly believe in equality for all people. I also believe that everyone is entitled to the same limitless opportunities at birth. I see Asgardia as a brand new, highly futuristic “project” started practically from the very beginning, which gives us an opportunity to develop and incorporate key human principals into Asgardia’s foundation. Across 25 years of my life, I’ve contributed to the fields of international trade and culture as a founder of several successful businesses. I also participated, and took a lead role, in many cultural and art projects including art galleries, drama, theatre and more. Other successful projects include contributions to “Peninsula” festivities, plus various media projects – on and off-line. Being in the centre of world-famous Silicon Valley gives me extensive exposure to modern technologies and ideas. I do see Asgardia as a chance to build a better world.

Location & electoral district: USA & District 1

Languages: English & Russian

Finance Committee

Ms. Anna Spokoyny

I strongly believe that education is the main basis for building a successful nation with a common understanding. To find, to choose, to LEARN, to understand, to be unified. In our new tremendously changing world, only knowledge is the main key to personal success: the ability to learn, the disclosure of personal potential, the proficiency to handle large amounts of information to help achieve high professional growth and make a person’s life interesting and rich. 

The educational process should be a combination of online courses and lectures, virtual museum and theatre tours, science projects and experiments. I use my knowledge and skills to create the new education process for all by using the best education experience of humankind. Let’s build the world’s best role model nation together through education!

Location & electoral district: Vienna, Austria & District 13

Languages: English & Russian

Equity & Resource Committee

Ms. Eva Figueroa

I want us to be impactful with productive work while emergent in our pursuit of a vision. Technology gives humanity tools to execute what we grasp as possibilities, to continue forward beyond dreams into reality. It is important humanity holds itself accountable for its decisions as a species, putting aside faux arguments, to fix our gaze to create a home for generations. 

Do not wait for the future to “fix” our problems – and how futile to blame the past. Now is the time, the only time. We are here to say, we are doing what we can – and we have already done more than most dreamt possible

Location & electoral district: Encino, California, USA – District 13

Languages: English

Finance Committee

Mr. Jean Martinelli

I have a degree in Pedagogy from the Public University of the State of São Paulo, UNESP, as well as a degree in Physical Education from the Centro Universitário Claretiano. I also have a degree in Holistic Therapies from the Holistic University of Brazil.  I am currently a postgraduate student in the Social Pedagogy and Public Management course at the University of Minas Gerais. 

I have extensive experience in the area of education, health and management. I got involved with Asgardia because I relate to the goal of one humanity, one unity, and the peaceful use of space. The future is out there: in space.

Location & electoral district: São Paulo, Brazil & By-election

Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish

Equity & Resource Committee

Mr. Kudret Senbil

I completed my primary, secondary and high school education in İskenderun. Between 2003 and 2012, I worked as a field chief at a contracting firm for 6 years. 2012 – 2015, I worked as a real estate consultant in a corporate real estate company. I held the accounting role for a private company in Saudi Arabia between 2016-2018. 

I’ve been married for 2 years to a very understanding and intelligent wife, who I love spending time with. I am carefree, but focused and ambitious. I’m very efficient at time-management, communication and money management. Welcome to the world of tomorrow, where Asgardia is the future!

Location & electoral district: Turkey, İskenderun & District 3

Languages: native Türkish; English and Arabic.