Culture Committee

Culture Committee

Ms. Cheryl Gallagher

I am a very involved and passionate contributor to the Asgardian cause, representing our Asgardian population with utmost attention! My CV and qualifications reflect a very diverse background, as creative artist and educator, concert harpist and professional ambient electronic musician. I also have many years experience in the dental field, specialising in major reconstructive oral and maxillofacial surgical nursing. 

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Adult Education, a certification in Arts Education, Audio/Video production and website design. I’m interested in World History and Cultures, Quantum Physics, and Ancient Vedic Astrology. My decades of experience working with and caring for people has gifted me with diplomatic competency.

Location & electoral district: Texas, USA & District 13

Languages: English, French, German, basic Russian & Spanish

Culture Committee

Ms. Svetlana Pchelnikova

As a mother of three I want a peaceful future for all the children of the planet Earth. Asgardia stands for peace! As a woman I consider it critically important that equal opportunities for education and development are available to all people, irrespective of their gender, race and place of birth. Asgardia stands for equality! As a public person, I often see the need to help others, and it is clear that the achievements of modern science give people chances and opportunities which were not available until recent times. 

Asgardia stands for science! As an entrepreneur who runs my own business I know that once you are confident that you are on the right path and firmly go forward, everything works out. The most important thing is to go forward. Asgardia stands for a modern economy! As a person whose family suffered in the war, I know for sure that a peaceful future is the most important legacy we can leave. Asgardia stands for the peaceful future of humankind. I want to create it together with you – and we can start today!

Location & electoral district: Estonia & By – election

Languages: Russian

Culture Committee

Ms. Kriti Anand

The ‘History of humankind’ is largely a history of confrontation. Civilisation reached amazing technological heights. And yet we still see major misalignments between earthly nations. Armed conflicts continue; intense opposition between the rivals never stops. Asgardia, for the first time in human history, offers an opportunity to leave behind all the bad things. 

On the level of the founding documents – especially the Declaration on Unity – Asgardia declares freedom from the past in building the future. We cannot change the past. Asgardia gives us the chance to create that future. As I come from India, a country with colonial history, I particularly value the opportunity to have a new vision and a new approach to building up a new free society of like-minded people, who share the core values of equality of all humans and benefits of spaceflight for all humans.

Location & electoral district: India & District 12

Languages: English

Culture Committee

Mr. Ugur Aydin

I have been a member since Asgardia was first announced. Faith, high motivation and determination have brought me to the position I am in now. I am the 345th person who approved the Constitution. I try to be an example and to encourage people. I try to encourage them to act in a united way. is my homeland in space – and I care about those lands very much. 

My biggest support is my family. And, of course, my wife and daughter are also Asgardians. I created a fun character, “Raydin” based on the Asgardia-1 satellite, and I hope that one day we’ll have him as a symbol of Asgardia.

Location & electoral district: Turkey, Izmir & District 3

Languages: Turkish

Culture Committee

Mr. Ubaldo Baldi

I work with security systems and companies that deal with security. I am also a technician specialising in vineyards and olive groves.  My studies are in agronomy. My hobbies are: extra virgin olive oil tasting (and wine-tasting), tango dancing, bridge, playing cards, photography and cinema. In the past I studied film directing and directed short films. I like art, cinema, theatre, music – and of course space!

Location & electoral district: Florence, Tuscany, Italy & District 5

Languages: Italian and English

Culture Committee

Mr. Leonid Gutkovich

All people are born equal and have the right to a decent life. All people should help each other in achieving good life quality. Countries and nations on Earth are separated by history and boundaries, but people still find a common language through culture where politicians do not find common language. Asgardians have to go a long way to find a common language, first in the figurative, and then in the literal sense of the word. 

Literature, music, dance have aided people from ancient times to find a common language, to communicate beyond the culture of their countries. Asgardia is the first supra-national country, which has its own ‘language’ and embraces all of humanity’s culture. We will begin a joint life in Asgardia with cultural exchanges between Asgardians from different countries, and create an Asgardian culture that will help make the life of all mankind better.

Location & electoral district: Israel & By – election

Languages: Russian

Culture Committee

Ms. Larisa Javanshir

As a professional publisher and editor-in-chief, I believe that effective, efficient, transparent and reliable communication is the foundation of a sustainable society. As an AMP I work to make sure that the highest international standards are applied when establishing information and communication paths in our space country. 

I have extensive experience in cultural development and exchanges. I think it’s essential that there is a direct communication and travel between Asgardians from different parts of the world. We all share the dream of space travel so I believe that all Asgardians should communicate more and meet in person at every available opportunity. Security and protection are very important in every society where human life is truly valued. Asgardia brings this value to every citizen. Safety and security are at the heart of any Asgardian’s mentality. I believe in these values and I strive to promote them!

Location & electoral district: Turkey & District 3

Languages: Russian

Culture Committee

Ms. Amalia Manias

I am an Australian, born to Greeks parents. I’ve worked as an Operations Executive in the travel sector for almost 35 years, planning and arranging F.I.T. clients, student and adult groups, and arranging conferences and events. My involvement in Asgardia was triggered by reading articles and posts about how it started as a utopian dream and eventually was backed up by distinguished scientists and academics ready to create the right legal, technological and political environment for life beyond Earth. This is a Space Nation expanding your awareness, consciousness, making only the best for humanity. That’s why I’m a part of it.

Location & electoral district: Athens, Greece & District 13

Languages: English and Greek

Culture Committee

Ms. Irina Nikitina

Despite the fact that the development of outer space by historical standards began quite recently, the development of culture is already inextricably linked with the exploration and development of space. Space has become one of the factors of the progress of culture, science and technology. Humanity is becoming cramped on the earth and it is striving upward, into the unknown. 

Now space no longer seems unattainable, mysterious and sacry. I consider the creation of the space nation of Asgardia a very timely and logical event. As the founder of the Musical Olympus Foundation and a member of the Board of Trustees of the International TV Contest of Young Musicians “The Nutcracker”, I see exceptional importance in working with children and young people and providing them with opportunities for cultural development and improvement.

Location & electoral district: Switzerland & District 1

Languages: Russian & English

Culture Committee

Ms. Elena Zharovsky

I got involved with Asgardia, as I believe in the peaceful resolution of all issues for mankind’s benefit. Today, people live in a world full of conflicts. Peaceful resolution is the aim of any political dialogue. But, of course, there is always bias in any political dialogue as each side protects its own interests. 

Asgardia unites people from all over the world who believe in the unity of all humankind. I truly believe that Asgardia as a community of like-minded people and will help, by its example, to reach a peaceful settlement of conflicts on earth. I stand with Asgardia for peace and unity in Asgardia, in space and on Earth.

Location & electoral district: Israel, Jerusalem & By – election

Languages: Russian & English