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Celebrate the ‘Taco Moon’ with a free taco from Taco Bell tonight!


The last quarter moon will shine like a big, cheesy taco in the evening sky tonight (May 4), and Taco Bell is celebrating the lunar phase by giving away free tacos.

For today’s first-ever “Taco Moon” event, the company will give customers a free crunchy taco from 8 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. local time. No purchase is necessary to receive a free taco, and you can order online, via the app or in-person at a participating location.

“Taco Bell plans to give away the most tacos it ever has on a single day on May 4 when the saga of lunar phases ultimately displays its perfect half-moon shape,” Taco Bell officials said in a statement.

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“We know the May 4 moon will take us to new ‘heights’ as we introduce ourselves to new future fans in a delicious way,” Julie Felss Masino, president of Taco Bell International, said in the statement.

The “Taco Moon” event is happening on the same day as Star Wars Day, but it won’t actually coincide with the last quarter moon. Last quarter phase, when the moon’s Earth-facing side is half-illuminated, occurred Monday (May 3) at 3:50 p.m. EDT (1950 GMT).

Earth’s natural satellite, which is currently waning, will look like a taco again two weeks from now, on May 19, when it reaches first quarter phase. It takes on this taco-like shape twice every month, but Taco Bell’s “Taco Moon” giveaway is not a recurring event like the lunar phase, so snatch your free moon taco tonight while you can!

You can learn more about today’s Taco Moon event at

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