Asgardia to Fill Government Positions by October 31, 2020

Asgardia’s Head of Nation, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, set a task to form a new Cabinet of Ministers of Asgardia by the end of the year. Applications from candidates will be accepted from July 1 to October 31, 2020.

Asgardia has 12 ministries working in the main areas of national interests of the Space Nation, and 12 parliamentary Committees that correspond to them. Currently, the positions of 12 Ministers and Prime Minister are vacant.

  1. Ministry of Science
  2. Ministry of Citizenship
  3. Ministry of Justice
  4. Ministry of Finance
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6. Ministry of Safety and Security
  7. Ministry of Trade and Commerce
  8. Ministry of Manufacturing
  9. Ministry of Youth and Education
  10. Ministry of Equity and Resources
  11. Ministry of Culture
  12. Ministry of Information and Communication

In accordance with Chapter 8, Article 34, paragraph 4, Ministers of Asgardia can be Residents (Citizens) of Asgardia 35 to 60 years old (born between 1960 and 1985), who have the necessary qualifications and professional experience in the relevant field, and are able to hold the position of Minister (Prime Minister) due to their physical and mental health.

To become a candidate, Residents must submit an application, CV and their proposed work plan for the Ministry, including the main strategic development plans of the entrusted area and plans for the Ministry’s economic self-sufficiency, to

The Resident profiles of all candidates must be fully filled in, including the full name, a good-quality portrait photo, and other required data.

If the candidate meets the above requirements, they will be invited to face-to-face interviews. Based on the results of preliminary interviews, the candidates will be presented to the members of the Supreme Space Council (SSC) for review.

In accordance with Chapter 8, Article 34, paragraph 4 of the Constitution of Asgardia, the SSC submits the Prime Minister’s candidacy to the Parliament, and the Prime Minister submits the Ministers’ candidacies to the Parliament for approval. The Parliament will vote on the candidates during the session, which will be held in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Until October 31, 2020, Residents of Asgardia can also run for the 55 seats open in Parliament and play their role in Asgardia’s future through it’s advanced Digital Democracy. Candidates must be between 40 and 80 years old and are welcome to submit their candidacies on the election page.

In addition, Residents can apply for positions of Advisers in the Administration to the Head of the Nation.

“We do not need to spend state budget funds on such traditional items for earth countries as agriculture, roads, energy, the army and others that make up the lion’s share of the budgets of earth States,” said Head of Nation Dr Igor Ashurbeyli at the first Asgardia Space Science and Investment Congress, held in October 2019.

This means that Asgardia concentrates all its efforts and financial resources exclusively on the development of outer space, on space technologies and achieving its main goal – the birth of the first human child in space in the next 25 years. The activities of the main power structures in the Space state, including the Government and Parliament, are also aimed at fulfilling this mission.

Here you can find the official Regulations:

On the appointment of Ministers of Asgardia

On the by-elections to Parliament

On the Administration to the Head of the Nation Asgardia