What is Asgardia Social?

AsgardiaSocial.Space is a community-based website for Asgardians, those interested in Asgardia and the space enthusiast community, at large, to meet, congregate and just enjoy being in the company of other, like-minded forward-thinking people.

What is Asgardia?

Asgardia is the first Space Nation in human history, and the first nation to have all of its territory in Space. We are a fully-fledged and independent nation and a future member of the United Nations — with all the attributes this status entails.

The three core principles of Asgardia are Peace, Access, and Protection. This means the preservation of peace in Space for the benefit of all humankind, providing equal access to space for all and protection of planet Earth from space threats.

Who created Asgardia Social?

This site was created to be a way to stimulate interest in Asgardia and to allow space enthusiasts to socialize freely with one another.  This project has been through the Asgardian Parliament and is recognized as a citizen-driven pilot program. 

This website is not a part of the Asgardia government nor has it received any funding from the Asgardian government.  This site was created to bring Asgardians together in order to build a strong and lasting community.